Whoever was lucky enough to wake up in Belgrade this morning can consider that he has achieved enough in life for today. Any further insistence on something else would be immodest.
(Duško Radović) 

‘’We may note, for example, that the Federal Palace is the same distance from the train station in Novi Beograd as the Louvre is from the Arc de Triomphe or from one end to another on Boulevard Saint Michel in Paris. But the parcels, edifices and surrounding streets are as different as the activities and rhythms which develop there. Through comparative analysis we can become conscious of the diversity of reasons which constitute a particular urban form and of their total irrecuperability.’’   Henri Lefebvre, Serge Renaudie and Pierre Guilbaud, proposal for International Competition for the New Belgrade Urban Structure Improvement (1986), in Bitter, S., & Weber, H. (2009). Autogestion, or Henri Lefebvre in New Belgrade. Vancouver, BC: Fillip Editions. pp.9. )


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